The world is changing in ways that seem to overwhelm us in their magnitude. Our daily lives are busy & stressful.  Overwhelming noise about the many perils facing our planet bombards us from all forms of media, creating deep concern for our world.

For me, the stress & noise creates an anguish inside me I can't define. I feel restless & anxious, sad & angry, almost grief-stricken for the natural world. I feel powerless.

 I discovered many of my friends were feeling the same way.  We are also profoundly fearful for our planet after the recent elections.

We wonder how anyone can feel optimistic in the face of the many challenges facing our world and the habitats & systems that sustain our species as well as the myriad life forms with whom we share this blue & green sphere.

Even though I spend a lot of time in Nature, I feel the need to take a journey to find that place where I can reconnect my distressed human spirit to that natural world. 

I need to find the optimism that the future of our world is OK.

It's going to be an interesting, insightful, journey that may take a while!

Join me on that journey to discover joyful things about the planet. Well share adventures on land & at sea, and reflect on how we, as human beings, are deeply intertwined with and part of Nature and how we need that connection for the very health of our human spirits.

We'll meet stewards who have WildEarthVisions - people who share their optimistic & uplifting stories as they strive to create a positive influence on the world, often in the face of great odds and in their own perhaps small ways. They will show us how even a small action can generate a hopeful & positive force.

Let's find our WildEarthVisions. Let's try to find some peace. Let's spark hope. Lets discover how we can reconnect our human spirits to our natural world.

Let's make it EPIC by Exploring * Protecting * Inspiring * Connecting



People are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. Our busy, crazy lives help disconnect us and create discord, but we can find ways to reconnect. Come see & hear how others reconnected their spirits to our WildEarth.


WildEarth VIDEOS

I believe people are connected to and impacted by the natural environment. We are part of the web of life on this remarkable planet. Watching beautiful scenes of Nature can help reconnect our spirits to our WildEarth. 



For many of us, wondering what we can do to help our planet seems overwhelming. It seems a battle against so many forces that we can't win. But many people are doing that. Meet these sparks of wild hope.